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Dr Lucy Busija discusses the IHA Elders' Project on SBS’s Living Black

By empowering Elders with support we can make a positive step in helping close the gap and transfer sacred spiritual knowledge.


IHA’s Dr Lucy Busija was recently interviewed by Bertrand Tungandame from SBS radio’s Living Black program regarding the Elders research project. Lucy discussed some important research findings regarding the greater support needed to strengthen the role of Elders in communities, especially in relation to issues tied to the Stolen Generations.

The stolen generations have had a devastating effect in the community as a whole, including in terms of transfer of knowledge because people have been taken away from their communities. So, the traditional elders; the elders of the community have not been able to pass their knowledge onto the current generation of elders…Elders, in addition to dealing with their own trauma are finding themselves in a position where they are having to reconstruct the knowledge. There is also grief. Not only personal grief. There is also grief about the loss of culture, the loss of language and the loss of knowledge.

The research was led by Lucy in partnership with a regional Indigenous community in Queensland, the local Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (Carbal Aboriginal Medical Service), and the University of QLD Rural Clinical School.

To find out more about the project see the IHA Elders’ project page or access SBS’s article here.

You can also listen to Lucy’s podcast directly here.

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