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What is HABITAT?

How Areas in Brisbane Influence healTh And acTivity. HABITAT is a study of life and recreation amongst people aged 40 years or more and living in Brisbane (Australia). It looks at lifestyle, health and well being, and the facilities and services available in local areas.

Important aspects of HABITAT include the mailing of questionnaires to selected people, looking at the features and facilities in selected neighbourhoods, and producing maps of the features of selected local areas in Brisbane. HABITAT currently includes over 11,000 Brisbane residents from 200 neighbourhood areas.

HABITAT was launched in 2007, and is currently funded until 2017. The goal of HABITAT is to study changes in people’s lifestyle, health and wellbeing, and to determine the most important influences on these changes.

From 2013, the project is also tracking changes in physical function, and the links with physical activity, sedentary behaviour and neighbourhood influences. Data collection includes objective activity monitoring and assessment of physical functioning with a random selection of HABITAT participants, as well as the mail surveys with all HABITAT participants, and environmental mapping.

Why is HABITAT important

HABITAT will provide valuable information about living in Brisbane. This knowledge can be used by local and state governments to make Brisbane a better and healthier place to live. HABITAT will also contribute to international understanding about the health and well being of people aged 40 years or more.

Who manages HABITAT

HABITAT is conducted by the Institute of Health and Ageing (IHA), Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and the University of Queensland (UQ). It is funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia.

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