Institute for Health & Ageing

Research Platforms


The biostatistics platform at IHA provides methodological support to IHA researchers and HDR students.

The biostatistics platform at the Institute for Health and Ageing is intended to optimise the quality and impact of our research. To ensure that each study has alignment of the objectives, measurement tools, and statistical methods, we provide methodological input at every stage of the research process, including:

Developing study concept: we provide input into framing study aims and formulating scientifically testable research questions and/or hypotheses.
Study design: we collaborate with the broader research team to develop study protocols, including selection of sampling strategies, development of experimental plans, randomisation techniques, and power and sample size calculations.
Selection of measurement techniques: we assist with the selection of measurement tools to optimally capture the study variables.
Data analysis: we provide assistance with the selection of appropriate statistical methods to perform data analysis.
Interpretation of results: we provide input into interpretation of results in light of study strengths and limitations and assist with formulating study conclusions based on the observed data.

The IHA biostatistics unit also conducts research into biostatistical methodology relevant to research projects at IHA. Our main areas of expertise include multilevel and multivariate modelling, experimental design, and mixed methods research.