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Student Opportunities: Women’s Healthy Ageing

Student Opportunities: Women's Healthy Ageing

Cassandra SzoekeResearch led by Professor Cassandra Szoeke is across three themes:

1. Mental Health – research in this theme covers early detection and preventative measures. Projects include: the effects of vitamin D insufficiency on depression and other mood related disorders; the association between alcohol intake and depression in community-dwelling older women; and, the relationship between social activities and mood, focusing on loneliness from midlife into ageing.

2. Cognitive Health – research in this theme has two major streams (I) The identification of individuals at increased risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and (II) The implementation of preventive lifestyle factors on cognitive performance.

3. Vascular Health – this research investigates the relationship between life-course exposures e.g. cholesterol, fasting glucose and blood pressure, and cardiovascular risk in healthy women.