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Student Opportunities: Biostatistics

Student Opportunities: Biostatistics

Conceptualisation and measurement of health

6315CR_284In 1948 the World Health Organisation defined health as ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’. Dr Lucy Busija leads research which aims to synthesis the literature on the conceptualization and definition of ‘health’, to develop an operational definition of ‘health’ and to use this definition as a blueprint to develop and evaluate a measurement tool for the assessment of ‘health’.

Statistical approaches to handling multimorbidity in observational and experimental studies

Multimorbidity is the presence of multiple chronic conditions within one person. Multimorbidity poses methodological challenges to health researchers as adjustment for multiple conditions during data analysis has the potential to substantially reduce the strength of a study. Additionally, modelling each chronic condition as a separate variable does not take into account clustering of different chronic conditions within the same individual, which could potentially explain why the same set of risk factors have been implicated in a number of chronic conditions. Dr Lucy Busija’s research objectives are to identify statistical methods suitable for modelling the multidimensional nature of multimorbidity, to evaluate the methodological soundness of these methods, and to make recommendations for the best statistical practice in handling multimorbidity during data analysis.