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Student Opportunities: Ageing and Fragility

Student Opportunities: Ageing and Fragility

Ego Seeman pictureProfessor Ego Seeman leads a number of projects in this theme which include:

1. Studies of ageing and the microstructural basis of bone fragility – These studies aim to identify microstructural features present at baseline, before fractures occur, to determine whether the baseline microstructural deterioration present identifies women and men who fracture their bone during the subsequent ten years. This information will be used to develop healthcare plans to treat persons at risk for fracture.

2. Racial and sex differences in bone microstructure and the risk for fracture – Caucasian women are at higher risk of fracture than Caucasian men. It is also known that Chinese persons are at a lower risk for fracture than Caucasian persons. There is incomplete information regarding why there is gender and racial dimorphism in fracture risk.

3. Studies in twins – people are fascinated to see that identical twins look alike however to the scientist, what is fascinating is how they differ because the differences give us a way of measuring the effect of the environment on a phenotype like bone mass, bone microarchitecture and hormonal measurement.