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Student Opportunities: Active Living and the Built Environment

Student Opportunities: Active Living and the Built Environment

Neighbourhood environment and ageing

Gavin Turrell

Professor Gavin Turrell is undertaking research on how the neighbourhood environment influences health and well-being as we age. Possible areas of research include the built environment, the social environment, transport, planning, neighbourhood disadvantage and inequity, and urban design. These, and other factors, are examined in relation to physical activity, active travel, sedentary behavior, diet, overweight and obesity, smoking, and physical and mental health.

Active transport

Jerome Rachele

Large social, economic, environmental, and healthy benefits will accure in society if there is an increase in use of active transport – public transport, walking and cycling. Active transport leads to increases in productivity, improvements in public health via increasing physical activity and decreasing obesity, and cost-savings to the healthcare sector. Dr Jerome Rachele’s research aims to gain a more detailed understanding of increasing active transport among an ageing population.