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Professor Cassandra Szoeke
Professorial Fellow

Professor Cassandra Szoeke has worked for the Department of Health and in the commonwealth science organisation and public hospital system. She led the research program in Neurodegenerative Diseases, Mental Disorders and Brain Health at the Australian Commonwealth Science and Industry Organisation (CSIRO) and then became a Clinical Consultant to CSIRO. She served on the board of executive directors for the Western Health Service Network, employed by the Victorian Minister for Health and was Chair of both the Quality and Safety and the Education and Research Board sub-committees. She has held roles on scientific, management, and business development committees of several major population-based Australian studies examining ageing.

Professor Szoeke is a practicing physician in internal medicine with subspecialisation in neurology. She has an honours degree in Genetics and Pharmacology, and completed her PhD thesis in Epidemiology while her postdoctoral studies at Stanford University focussed on Public Health and Policy. She has been in clinical research for over a decade with over 200 publications and has been the recipient of numerous national and international awards for her work. She is currently the Director of the Healthy Ageing Program at the University of Melbourne.


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