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Dr Lucy Busija
Senior Research Fellow Biostatistics

Dr Lucy Busija leads the biostatistics team. She provides methodological support to the IHA’s multidisciplinary team and oversees the design and analysis of the Institute’s research studies.

Dr Busija specialises in the application of statistical methods to the study of burden and outcomes of age-related illness and has experience in the design and analysis of both observational and experimental studies. Her areas of expertise include multilevel structural equation modelling, analysis of longitudinal data, and latent class analysis. She also has special interest in psychometric evaluation of self-reported outcome measures.

Dr Busija is currently serving as an inaugural chair of Australian Special Interest Group of the International Society for Quality of Life Research. She is also a biostatistical advisor for the Data and Safety Monitoring Committee of a large international trial and is a biostatistical editor for the International Journal of Psychogeriatrics.

T +61 3 9953 3604

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Key publications

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