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Professor Kerrie Sanders
Musculoskeletal Health, Health Economics

Professor Kerrie Sanders is a clinical researcher with strong interest and track record in the areas of Musculoskeletal Science, Health Economics and Nutrition.

Current projects include a Burden of Disease for Osteoporosis for each of Australia’s 7 states and Northern Territory. The work quantifies the significant current and projected costs of fractures in Australians aged 50 years and older. The substantial value of the work relates to the detailed cost as well as to health and community service use of individuals with ‘fragility’ fractures including both hip and non-hip fractures. To date, government estimates have largely been undervalued or ignored the cost burden of non-hip fractures. This has been due to lack of reliable data on individuals with fracture who were not admitted to hospital for fracture management. The comprehensive data being used for the Burden of Disease reports is derived from a NHMRC-funded project led by Prof Sanders. Health and community service use in addition to quality of life assessments were collected for 18-months following fracture in over 900 older adults from across Australia. The reports are being conducted on behalf of Osteoporosis Australia and in conjunction with collaborators at Deakin University’s School of Health & Social Development.

Other current projects include assessing the usual diet of Australians aged 70 years and older. By accessing the last two national nutrition surveys conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the team at IHA are analysing data to assess the adequacy of nutritional intake and also investigating how the usual diet of older Australians may have changed over the 12 years between the two most recent surveys. Other nutrition work includes a PhD candidate’s analyses of the relationship between diet and risk factors for chronic disease 17 years later. This work uses the extensive dietary data collected by the Cancer Council of Victoria and is done in collaboration with their clinical nutrition research division.

Professor Sanders has led large NHMRC-funded epidemiological, randomised clinical trial and burden of illness projects. Results from these projects have been incorporated into national and international position papers on osteoporosis and vitamin D as well as Australian Government reports on musculoskeletal disease. She is a member of the Medical and Scientific Advisory board for both Osteoporosis Australia and the International Osteoporosis Foundation. Professor Sanders is a member of the editorial board for the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research.

Professor Sanders holds an honorary position at The University of Melbourne as a Principal Fellow for the Australian Institute of Musculoskeletal Science (AIMSS).

T +61 3 9953 3724

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Key publications

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