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Dr Vera Camões-Costa
Research Assistant

Dr Vera Camões-Costa is a Research Assistant at the Institute for Health and Ageing, and a casual academic at the Australian Catholic University. She has been part of IHA since 2017 and she is currently split between providing project support for the Dynamic Activity Spaces Pilot (DASP) study which explores a new methodology for measuring environmental exposure that may promote physical activity in older age, and for the NHMRC funded PEARL program for new residents being admitted to permanent residential aged care. Vera is one of the assessors on PEARL conducting diagnostic interviews at selected aged care facilities. Her main research interests are on behavioral change and cognitive interventions that promote healthy ageing and quality of life.

Vera completed her PhD in 2012 at Bangor University-UK in the area of Developmental Psychology. Her research output include 6 peer-reviewed publications and multiple conference presentations, in the areas of child development, applied behavior analysis and exercise physiology. In addition, she has previously and is currently collaborating with an international multi-center and multi-disciplinary research team from Coventry University-UK and Monash University, investigating the impact of exercise stress on health parameters.

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