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Dr Tanya Davison
Senior Research Fellow, Mental Health and Aged Care

Dr Tanya Davison is a clinical psychologist (DPsych) who has specialised as a clinician, researcher and educator in the psychological treatment of mental health disorders in older adults. Dr Davison has led cutting-edge research on risk and protective factors for depression in aged care residents. She has developed several interventions specifically for aged care residents with dementia and is familiar with the challenges of implementing interventions with this complex population, including the use of strong collaboration with facility staff, which has proven essential to bringing about change.

Dr Davison is the lead investigator on an NHMRC-funded research project that will develop and evaluate an innovative program to reduce depression in residential aged care, targeting newly admitted residents who are a high-risk group. The Program to Enhance Adjustment to Residential Living (PEARL) is the first early intervention and prevention approach for depression that is designed specifically for the aged care setting.

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