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Dr Javad Koohsari
Honorary Fellow

Dr Koohsari’s research focuses on how urban design can contribute to active living and population health. As an urban designer researcher, he has been collaborating with Prof Neville Owen (Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes) and Prof Takemi Sugiyama (Australian Catholic University) to further understand environmental determinants of active living using a number of research projects in Australia, Japan, and the USA. He has been recently awarded a post-doctoral fellowship from National Heart Foundation of Australia (2016-17) for his program of research “How can urban design reduce cardiovascular disease risk?”. His recent work uses an urban design concept of space syntax in studying the role of neighbourhood layout in people’s activity behaviours, and contributes to advance the knowledge in this research area.
Dr Koohsari is currently on the editorial boards of the Journal of Architectural and Planning Research, and the Annals of Behavioral Medicine. An updated list of his publications can be found on Google Scholar and Researchgate.

P 03 9230 8274

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