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OsteoArthritis Questionnaire (OA-Quest)

The OsteoArthritis Questionnaire (OA-Quest) is a self-report questionnaire designed to assess the burden of osteoarthritis on an individual with this condition.

The OA-Quest consists of 42 items and provides assessment of osteoarthritis burden in seven domains:

  • Physical distress (7 items)
  • Physical limitations (11 items)
  • Psychosocial distress (7 items)
  • Sleep disturbances (5 items)
  • Physical de-conditioning (4 items)
  • Financial hardship (4 items) and
  • Lost productivity (4 items).

The responses are scored using a scale that ranges from 0 (not at all true of me) to 4 (extremely true of me).

The questionnaire was developed by Lucy Busija during her PhD candidature under the supervision of Richard Osborne and Rachelle Buchbinder.

(c)  L. Busija, R. Osborne, R. Buchbinder. No part of the OA-Quest may be altered or reproduced in any form without express permission from the authors.

Citation: Busija L, Buchbinder R, Osborne RH. Development and preliminary evaluation of the OsteoArthritis Questionnaire (OA-Quest): a psychometric study. Osteoarthr Cartilage. 2016;24(8):1357-66.