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Guest Presentation on Cycleway evaluation, Monday June 27th



What: Dr Kristiann Heesch presents: Evaluation of the Brisbane Veloway 1 with Strava Data

When: 11 – 12am AEST, Monday 27th June

Where: Rm 6.02, Level 6, 215 Spring Street Melbourne.





The Institute for Health and Ageing is pleased to welcome Dr Kristiann Heesch from the Queensland University of Technology, who will discuss how data from smart phone GPS app Strava has been used to evaluate new transport infrastructure.

Kristi is a Senior Lecturer in Health Promotion in the School of Public Health & Social Work at QUT. Her research focuses on physical activity and health for the prevention of chronic conditions in mid-age to older adults. Her research spans analysis of large datasets to understand associations between physical activity and health outcomes to the development and evaluation of physical activity promotion programs. In the last 5 years, Kristi has focused on bicycle use, both for recreation and for transport, to inform policy and improve cycling promotion.

Much of Kristi’s work ties in with IHA research projects in the areas of Built Environment, Urban Spaces and Active Ageing and Active Living.

Her guest presentation “Evaluation of the Brisbane Veloway 1 with Strava Data”, will be held on Monday 27th June at 11am and is a special addition to IHA’s Live Long Live Well scheduled colloquium series.

ACU colleagues are encouraged to dial in from a campus A/V meeting room, or by using Polycom Realpresence on their computer desktop. A/V room bookings can be made via or by calling 07 3623 7272. The Servicedesk can also assist with Polycom installation on your PC or laptop.

Colleagues outside the university may participate by teleconference, or by attending in person at Level 6, 215 Spring Street in Melbourne.

All enquiries, registrations of interest and requests for audio-visual or teleconferencing can be directed to or 03 9230 8170.

Take a look at our Kristi Heesch Special Colloquium Flyer for further details of her presentation.

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