Institute for Health & Ageing


The following core values have been agreed by the IHA team to be integral to the Institute’s success, and are embedded within everything we do:


  1. Commitment to quality – mediocrity and ordinary does not work. Everything we do and produce must be something which speaks to excellence, and our actions must be organised to achieve high quality outcomes.
  2. Respect – we have a fundamental obligation to each other, our colleagues, partners and other stakeholders to treat all with the respect and dignity that they are entitled to.
  3. Integrity – there must be a level of honesty in all that we do and say. The mutual trust that is essential for work and life depends on this.
  4. Courage – we must demonstrate courage and innovation through the work we undertake, and be bold in our commitment to making a significant and positive difference for older people, their carers and families, particularly amongst the more vulnerable in society.
  5. Life balance – it is important for our physical and mental health that we make time to engage in a wide range of non-work activities and interactions.