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The Institute for Health and Ageing is a multidisciplinary research institute

Who we are:

The Institute for Health and Ageing (IHA) is a multidisciplinary, Melbourne-based research institute focussing on both the positive and problematic aspects of ageing.

IHA has gathered a highly talented and internationally recognised research team able to approach issues of ageing through a positive, empowering lens in settings spanning community, residential and acute care.

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IHA prides itself on developing research students, postdoctoral fellows and early to mid-career researchers. The expertise and mentorship of the Institute’s senior academic staff, coupled with the applied nature of the Institute’s research, provides a rich and rewarding environment for those seeking to make a positive difference to people’s lives.


We also work with a range of partners to develop effective and sustainable programs that will assist older people, their families and carers to lead more productive lives. IHA is foussed on making connections with organisations whose skills, expertise and mission complement the multidisciplinary nature of the Institute’s research

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