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IHA's Prof McCabe secures significant NHMRC Partnership funding

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IHA Director Marita McCabe is pleased to confirm that her team’s research project for facilitating the transition to Consumer Directed Care practice in Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF), has secured significant NHMRC partnership grant funding in the recent grant rounds.

Announced to the team on October 27th with the embargo lifted yesterday, the $836,087 NHMRC Partnership grant is set to transform practice through IHA’s Resident at the Centre of Care program. The program already has 45 residential aged care facilities keen to participate. The total funding for the program to date including partner contributions comes to almost $2,500,000.

“A core feature of Residents at the Centre of Care program is the development of the capacity of senior staff to manage organisational change through transformational leadership, to drastically alter the way in which RACFs provide care for residents and embed Consumer Directed Care into routine practice.” Professor McCabe has stated.

“This project will support our partners in this practice transformation and critically, will provide the guiding evidence base to inform government on future CDC implementation strategies, as well as the economic implications of enabling organisations to become ‘CDC ready’”.

Transformational leadership is what Professor McCabe is all about. The principles of reciprocity and transformation so fundamental to community engagement, are central to the program – which sets out, in practical tangible ways, to promote leadership that recognises the dignity of the human person. It is the dignity of the residents in care facilities and increasing their capacity for choice and control that is the focus. The program beautifully aligns with ACU’s shift to community engagement and transformative partnerships, and so clearly embodies ACU’s strategic goals for a culture of research excellence aligned to the University’s Identity and Mission.

The Residents at the Centre of Care program has been specifically designed to assist RACF partners (incorporating organisational decision makers, facility managers, general staff and consumers) who are urgently seeking a rapid, practical, and affordable response to adopting a consumer driven service approach. It includes development of clinical skills (e.g. communications with residents) and information gathering tools to operationalise a consumer-directed care plan, but also, importantly, provides training to support organisational change and transformational leadership that will be required for RACFs to make the significant shift from current resident care models to CDC practices.

The program builds on a shared vision for a solutions-oriented translational focus on complex and contemporary challenges in aged care.

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