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Dr Jerome Rachele outlines 8 changes to our neighbourhoods for ageing well

Eight simple changes snip

IHA’s Dr Jerome Rachele outlined in THE CONVERSATION today, eight evidence based steps that local and state governments can take to assist older people to be physically active. These steps involve minor but effective changes to neighbourhood design.

They include:
– improving footpaths
– connecting pedestrian networks
– slowing traffic in high-pedestrian areas
– installing age-friendly street crossings
– providing disabled access on public transport
– providing rest spots
– planting trees
– improving perceptions of safety

Jerome’s article is the first in a series about healthy liveable cities that THE CONVERSATION is publishing in the lead up to the Designing Healthy Liveable Cities Conference to be held in Melbourne next week.

Read the article here for further details about these steps, as well as links to the research behind the recommendations.


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