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Eva Zopf co-authors paper on individualized exercise programs for breast cancer patients

Eva Zopf, an IHA early career researcher, has co-authored a paper with colleagues from the University Hospital Cologne and the German Sport University in Cologne, Germany which was published in Supportive Care in Cancer. The paper explores whether an individualized exercise program has a more beneficial and sustainable impact on physical activity (PA) levels, cancer-related fatigue, and health-related quality of life than the standard exercise program offered to breast cancer patients during inpatient rehabilitation.

The quasi-randomized controlled trial was conducted at two different rehab clinics in Germany. In one centre patients received an individualized exercise program for the 3 week inpatient rehab and two additional 1-week inpatient stays after 4 and 8 months. Patients in the other rehab centre received the standard 3-week exercise program (usual care). PA and fatigue levels were in favour of the individualized exercise program during the entire 24 month follow-up period, suggesting that an individualized rehab including regular refreshers has a more sustainable impact in breast cancer patients and that rehab programs need to be personalized.

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