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Dr Sharon Brennan-Olsen presents on bone and joint health

The Institute for Health and Ageing (IHA) is pleased to present our 2017 Live Long Live Well colloquium series, comprising talks from colleagues and collaborators working across a range of disciplines relative to the pursuit of healthy and active ageing.

Brennan_February 2014August’s Colloquium is presented by Dr Sharon Brennan-Olsen from the University of Melbourne.

Topic: Bone and joint health: Reflecting the social mosaic
When: 2-3pm (AEST), Wednesday August 2nd
Where: 215 Spring Street Melbourne, ACU building 470, Rm 6.02, Level 6,
Attend: In person, teleconference, or via audio-visual link from an ACU location

In the musculoskeletal field it is becoming increasingly clear that human skeletal health is influenced by a mosaic (or combination) of social and biological factors: indeed, the human skeleton could be considered a reflection of our social lives. In this presentation, Dr Brennan-Olsen will summarize the evidence-base regarding social disadvantage and associations with lower bone quality, an increased fracture risk, and a greater prevalence of arthritis diseases. She will present results from a selection of studies that she and her team have conducted regarding social determinants and musculoskeletal health, including the role played by childhood adversity, chronic stress and inflammation on bone and joints.

ACU colleagues are encouraged to dial in from a campus A/V meeting room, or by using Polycom Realpresence on their computer desktop. A/V room bookings can be made via Service Now or, or by calling 07 3623 7272. The Servicedesk can also assist with Polycom installation on your PC or laptop.

Please contact IHA as per the details below to obtain dial-in details for joining the colloquium via A/V link from an ACU location, or via teleconference from another location.

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