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The Institute for Health and Ageing welcomes second visit by Professor Jim Sallis

The Institute for Health and Ageing hosted its second visit from Professorial Fellow Jim Sallis last month, extending his collaboration with the Institute’s Urban Spaces and Active Ageing research program and sharing his pioneering work in the interdisciplinary study of built environment and physical activity.

Professor Jim Sallis is also an Emeritus Professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health at University of California, San Diego, and joined Australian Catholic University as a Professorial Fellow at the Institute for Health and Ageing in February 2017.

In addition to providing advisory support to the IHA faculty, Prof. Sallis is working with Professor Ester Cerin, lead of IHA’s research program in Urban Spaces and Active Ageing, on the International Physical Activity and the Environment Network (IPEN) Adult study.

The study, which launched in 2009, examines the environmental correlation of physical activity and obesity in adults and adolescents. It involves the analyses of 12 countries data pooled together, examining how specific environmental attributes are related to physical activity domains, leisure and transport.

IPEN, the group which oversees the study, was established in 2004 by Prof. Sallis and other researchers to increase communication and collaboration between those investigating environmental correlations of physical activity, and to stimulate research in physical activity and the environment across the globe.

Both Prof. Sallis and ACU have been a part of the project since its launch, with ACU recently awarded the task of coordinating the different countries, collating its data, and generating the results.

ACU looks forward to its continued work with Prof. Sallis, and welcomes his efforts in supporting IHA’s innovative work addressing practical issues of health and wellbeing.

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