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June to August Latest Colloquium schedule

The Institute for Health & Ageing (IHA) is pleased to present monthly talks from colleagues and collaborators working across a range of disciplines relative to the pursuit of healthy and active ageing.

We invite you to join us for these seminars, in person or online. All presentations are followed by an opportunity for discussion.

What: Live Long Live Well Colloquium Series
Where: Rm 6.02, Level 6, 215 Spring Street Melbourne.
When: 2-3pm Melbourne time, first Wednesday of every month


Our latest offerings have just been confirmed. See what’s coming up below.

Coming up

Wednesday 7th June, 2-3pm: Xianwen Shang:
Protein intakes from different sources and cardiometabolic disorders in community-dwelling Australian adults.

Wednesday 5th July, 2-3pm: Professor Caryl Nowson:
Optimal Nutrition for Healthy Ageing: More or Less?

Wednesday 2nd August, 2-3pm: Dr Shannon Brennan Olsen:
Bone health: Reflecting the social mosaic.

Xianwen ShangJune’s Colloquium on Wednesday the 7th at 2pm, is presented by Xianwen Shang from the University of Melbourne. He will discuss Protein intakes from different sources and cardiometabolic disorders in community-dwelling Australian adults.

Cardiometabolic disorders including diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, and obesity are major causes of mortality and morbidity. Few studies investigated the relationship of protein intakes from different sources with incident diabetes and the results are inconsistent. The association of protein intakes from different sources with incident metabolic syndrome remains to be explored.

This presentation discusses the findings of a study which prospectively examined whether protein intakes from different sources are differently associated with cardiometabolic disorders using the data from the Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study (MCCS) of 41,514 participants. Data on dietary intakes, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome were assessed at both baseline (1990-1994) and follow-up (2003-2007). A meta-analysis that included the results from this study’s cohort and from 10 previous prospective studies was also conducted to examine the association between protein intakes and incident diabetes.

Caryl NowsonIn July we welcome Professor Caryl Nowson who holds the Chair in Nutrition and Ageing, Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research, School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, Deakin University. She has a research program spanning more than 30 years that has focused on two major diseases of ageing: nutrition related to hypertension, and nutrition related to bone health. She is a qualified dietitian who has worked in aged care setting and conducted a number of nutrition interventions, some combined with exercise, with older people both within the community and within residential aged care. She has a particular interest identifying lifestyle factors that contribute to health outcomes of older people that impact on quality of life. Caryl will be presenting on Optimal Nutrition for Healthy Ageing: More or Less?

Brennan_February 2014On the 2nd of August IHA Honorary Fellow Dr Sharon Brennan-Olsen will present on Bone health: Reflecting the social mosaic. In the musculoskeletal field it is becoming increasingly clear that human skeletal health is influenced by a mosaic (or combination) of social and biological factors: indeed, the human skeleton could be considered a reflection of our social lives. In this presentation, Dr Brennan-Olsen will summarize the evidence-base regarding social disadvantage and associations with lower bone quality, an increased fracture risk, and a greater prevalence of arthritis diseases. She will present results from a selection of studies that she and her team have conducted regarding social determinants and musculoskeletal health, including the role played by childhood adversity, chronic stress and inflammation on bone and joints.


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