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Marita McCabe, guest editor for Current Opinion in Psychology


IHA’s Professor Marita McCabe is guest editor on a special ‘Relationships and Stress’ edition of the journal Current Opinion in Psychology, recently published by Elsevier.

The theme for this special issue emerged from a small Melbourne-based conference in 2014, chaired by Dr Gery Karantzas, Professor Marita McCabe and Professor Jeffry Simpson, who have gone on to edit this special edition together.

The conference brought together a number of themes within the context of relationship stress, namely normative life transitions, unexpected life transitions, within-couple processes and relationship dissolution, and external stressors to relationships.

The special issue of Current Opinion in Psychology draws on these themes, and goes beyond to incorporate topics on addiction, pornography, blended families, physiology, genetics, sexual dysfunction, same sex relationships, and therapeutic approaches targeting relationships under duress.

The papers in this special issue highlight the diversity and breadth of research undertaken within the broad area of relationships and stress, and in doing so highlight a major challenge for the future in determining how to integrate such a diverse constellation of theories into this thriving and multifaceted field.

The ‘Relationships and Stress’ edition of Current Opinion in Psychology can be accessed here.

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