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Professors Ester Cerin and Takemi Sugiyama, with Distinguished Professor James F. Sallis from University of California and Dr Lars B. Christiansen from University of Southern Denmark, are co-authors on a paper in Journal of Transport & Health outlining international comparisons of the associations between objective measures of the built environment and transport-related walking and cycling.

Data from the International Physical Activity Network (IPEN) study on 14 cities across 10 countries were used to document the strength, shape and generalisability of the relation of objectively measured built environment variables with transport-related walking and cycling. Amongst the interesting new findings were:

(1) the establishment of a threshold effect of residential density on walking for transport where no additional benefits were found above 12,000 dwellings per km2

(2) residential density showing no significant effect on cycling for transport; and

(3) built environment attributes appearing to be more important in cities located in developed countries.


Read their paper here

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