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Caring for a loved one, particularly someone with Dementia, is consistently associated with a range of health concerns including depression, anxiety, physical illness and social isolation. At IHA, we are tackling this problem through our PRIMED program (Personalised Multidisciplinary Intervention for Carers of People with Dementia).

PRIMED is designed to help carers by improving their quality of life, reduce depression and increase social connection.  Carers often neglect their own needs and their own health.  PRIMED aims to identify why carers don’t look after themselves and the techniques they can use to overcome these barriers. It gives carers a choice about the types of information they need and areas they would like to address. After completing the program, carers should have the motivation and the skills to improve their own situation, in a sustainable way.

The PRIMED program was developed following consultation with carers (both partner-carers and offspring-carers) of people with dementia, and through our partnerships with aged-care providers and Carers Victoria.  Now the program is developed, our next challenge is to evaluate how successful PRIMED is in improving the lives of carers through improved quality of life, reduced depression and burden of care, and improved physical health.

For further information regarding the program and the pilot evaluation, please contact Dr. Gemma Tatangelo

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