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Kerrie Sanders in Medicine Today

Professor Kerrie Sanders

IHA’s Professor Kerrie Sanders was quoted recently in a Medicine Today article outlining links between Mediterranean diet and small reductions in hip fracture risk.

Professor Sanders leads IHA’s work in Muscloskeletal Health, Nutrition and Health Economics. Her comments relate to results of the Women’s Health Study, which has analysed data from 90,014 women over a median of 15.9 years. Results suggest that those with an adherence to a diet high in plant foods, fish and nuts had a 20% lower risk of hip fracture compared to those who scored lowest. Although these findings indicate a significant risk reduction, they represent an absolute risk reduction of only 0.29%, and the study found no association between Mediterranean diet adherence and total risk reduction.

Professor Sanders commented “These lifestyle factors tend to have a fairly small effect on avoiding fractures but some effect is better than nothing, and it helps in many other diseases as well”, adding that dietary choices may also point towards health behaviours that may similarly affect fracture risk.

Read the full article here.

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